What’s It Really Like Living in New England?

If you’re curious about life in New England, you’re not alone! So many are interested in starting fresh in this area of the country but aren’t sure what to expect. With easy access to open water, a culture unlike anything else on Earth, and unique food and entertainment, it’s easy to say moving here will surprise you: but what’s it really like?

These are the top things to know about life in New England and why it’s where you should move next!

Winter and Summer are at Odds

The winters in New England will make you dream of warmer days. Snow piles up, and winter storms have become a fact of life for many of these states. However, when summer finally comes, it’s mild and easy-going, filling this area with lush greenery and making winter a distant memory.

Many don’t mind the snow, but if you do, it’s not a great place to live. Weigh these seasons against each other and decide if it’s personally worth it for you.

Autumn Is the Best Time of Year

Whether you enjoy winter or summer: autumn wins as the best season in New England. When the leaves change colors into gold and fiery red, and the air crisps with the apples on the trees: this entire portion of the country turns into paradise.

You can’t go outside without smelling fireplaces starting up, and the warm hearty soups become a fact of life. This is the peak time to road trip, camp, and go fishing while you still can, and it is magical regardless of which New England state you’re in.

More Expensive and Older Properties

New England is home to some of the oldest properties in the country, along with some of the most expensive properties. The short building season, coupled with the slow construction in this area, makes it so that New England properties are far more costly. 

From the narrow Boston houses for sale, where you don’t get much land, to areas like Portland, Maine, where properties are larger but still pricey, it’s important to have a clear budget before you move here.

Incredible And Long History

Indigenous people have lived in New England for thousands of years, and the first European colonies arrived in this portion of the country in 1620. Because of this, there’s a long history here to learn about.

Countless museums and historical sites give you the chance to delve into this further, but living here is the best way to ensure you can learn about all of it. There’s nothing quite like getting to know a place while you live in it to make you appreciate the area. Although much of the area’s history can be ugly to learn about, it’s important to know the full story.

New England Is an Awesome Place to Live

If you want a fresh start in a state unlike any other, it’s time to consider New England! This portion of the country has something for everyone interested and will leave you feeling like this is where you were always meant to live.