HDB Door Singapore Is the Best Choice for Customers – Know Why? 

Many of us try different interior designs to add aesthetic appeal to the home, like doors, wall paints, windows, and more. Among those, doors are the essential thing that you need to pay attention to because they protect the home from outside elements. Also, they give an impression of the home, by making the rooms more beautiful.

Although you will find a range of doors made with different materials like wood and timber, fire-rated doors are the popular choice due to their features. One of the best things about wooden or timber is, they are strong – hard to break. So, they keep the house safe and secure.

These days, even the government in Singapore has replaced these doors as they can protect families from hazardous conditions.For a genuine online HDB door supplier in Singapore, you must consider visiting the SG Doors website. They provide the latest designs of different shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and features at competitive rates.

About fire-rated doors

These are specially designed to prevent or slow down the smoke or the spread of flames in the home. They are made from non-inflammable and dependable materials or fire-resistant MDF. They come with various ratings that show the approximate period they withstand the exposure of heat. They include 20-minute rating, which can withstand up to 20 minutes, 90-minute rating, withstands up to 90 minutes.

Though there are not fire-proof doors, these can delay the spread of heat or flames and give you some time to leave the place. Also, these can help to protect your assets and property from damages.

Benefits of fire-rated doors

According to a report, the SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force) received nearly 1,877 fire calls which over a thousand occur in the residential surroundings alone. With the help of fire-rated doors, you can reduce the potentiality of accidents and save the life of your family and yourself. Here are a few benefits of these doors, including:

Prevents fire spread

The main benefit of using a them is they are made with powerful materials, which are strong enough to prevent fire spread. By this, it will not only give time to leave but also reduce the occurrence of damage to your assets.

Pollution-free and low smoke

During a fire accident, they prevent fire spread, which results in low carbon pollution, smoke, and fumes. It is because they are made from the materials of wood or timber. Due to this, you can easily breathe and escape from the place.

Easy to set up and requires low maintenance

These doors are designed and checked by professionals, so they are easy to set up. A carefully installed fire-rated door provides the best security to your home from fire spread. Also, they need low maintenance compared to others.

The perfect option for fire-sensitive places

They are ideal at fire-sensitive places including the kitchen, bedrooms, study room, and others. By installing a high-quality one, you can maximize the safety of those areas.

Fire-rated doors installation rules

They will have a self-closing device, which keeps the door closed while a fire accident and prevents fire and smoke spread. Along with the entrance door, to all the bedrooms. It’s ideal to choose one that withstand at least 30 minutes to fire.

If you want to do fire safety works or install a fire alarm in the home, you need to apply with the SCDF Fire Safety department.

Guidelines to renovate the existing door

Although it is not necessary to be aware of all the renovation rules, still it’s ideal to understand them to make sure whether your contractor has followed the rules or not. It is because failure to act by the regulations can end up in a penalty or fine. The following are a few requirement works that need permission. They include:

  • Replacement of a frame or entrance and fire escape path
  • Renovation of internal doors

Many online suppliers in Singapore provide high-quality fire-rated doors. From those, choose the best one and get customized fire-rated doors today to provide security to your family and yourself from fire accidents.