What To Look for When Selecting a Boiler Repair Company

There are companies out there that specialize in repairing boilers, and while it may seem that they would be the best at fixing them, there are Some things you should do while choosing an air conditioning company. These are:

  1. After the initial phone call, ask for references and reviews

Sometimes, before deciding which boiler service company to use for repairs and maintenance, it is a good idea to ask for a reference. For example, you can ask friends or neighbors who have had their units maintained by a particular company. It’s as simple as asking, “so if you had to rate the company you used, how many stars would you give them?” After receiving their response, ask for a brief review of their services. You can learn if they were satisfied with the work quality and professional service they received.

Use reviews sites as well. Just like in real life, people on Reddit (and other review sites) can be pretty helpful when choosing a good service. Reddit has a subsection for reviewing different industries, and Boiler maintenance companies are one of them. Reviews on these sites are usually very informative because the comments are written by consumers who have used their services previously. Search online for best boiler repair services in Elmhurst or elsewhere.

  1. Be wary of boiler repair companies who are not licensed or insured

When looking for the right company to repair your equipment, be sure you hire a licensed professional. Typically, licensed professionals have gone through training and are more knowledgeable about their job than unlicensed ones. Unlicensed technicians may vary from good to bad in terms of their knowledge of how to fix boilers, while licensed technicians will always at least satisfy your technical needs.

Know that not all licenses are the same. If you’re working with a company in a different state than yours, you can check to see if they are licensed by following these steps:

1) Find out what type of license your technician has (i.e., technician’s license or master license). Note that some states do not have a license for technicians.

2) Look up your technician license in the state you live in to find out if it is valid. For example, New York will probably not recognize an HVAC tech’s license from Texas as valid.

3) After finding out whether or not their license is valid, look up the requirements for their license. If they are not properly licensed, you should be cautious about doing business with them.

  1. Check out their work history

Every good boiler service provider will provide you with examples of their previous work. While looking at these past jobs, it is important to check out the location of each job, how old the photos are (preferably no more than a month or two old), and ask yourself if this work looks like something that could/would be done by your technician.

Don’t just take one company’s word for it. You should also look at online reviews of different air conditioning companies and see if a majority of them are good. If they all have bad reviews, then you as a consumer should be wary about their services.

  1. Ask about their work policy

All good companies will provide you with a warranty that will cover the work they’ve done for an extended period of time. They should also be able to tell you when the next checkup is and how much it will cost. The benefit of having a good warranty is it ensures that if any problems arise in the future, your technician will come back to fix them at no additional cost to you. The benefits of having an appointment for the next checkup are that they can look over the equipment, make any adjustments needed, and provide you with advice on how to improve your system’s efficiency.

  1. Avoid companies who try to sell you unneeded services

If a company suggests cleaning or maintaining, be sure to ask them why they think it is necessary. It may seem like a pain to get an extra service you don’t need on your unit, but it can save you money in the long run.

While traveling from job to job, air conditioning technicians are prone to damaging the units they work on. For example, if you hire an HVAC technician and he or she drives over your unit with their truck (happens more often than you’d think), there is a chance that it could be permanently damaged.

Ensure that the company is qualified to handle your project; if not, find someone else who can do it right!  Explore to learn more about Combi Boilers vs. System Boilers.