How to do Luxury Interior Design – Tips and Techniques

Everyone will have a concept of owning a dream home you might have wished for. Even if you are planning for a budget home, luxurious interiors are dreamed of by most people. However, if you are building a home from scratch, you could consult Architects in Coimbatore who have expertise in building and designing a house, just like you have visualised. 

Once you pick the ideal designer, you could consider following the tips and techniques that would help you in handling luxury interior designing.

  • Define your Style of Designing: Luxury and property are not interrelated. It is the state of the mind and philosophy of living that matters. Even the tiniest of studio houses and apartments would look luxurious if the interior design is done in the right way. A high-end design should be well-executed and should emphasise quality. However, it should not be far away from the personality of the homeowners. All classy homes have a unique aura that you would feel right from the entrance. The architect deserves the credit for planning the house structure, window and door placement, and other fittings that would go well with the house. The elegance, sophistication and unique and distinctive features make living in the house easy. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you would be in charge of clicking the right style that suits you best.
  • Seek Advice from Interior Designers: Luxury interior designers are masterminds who create unique spaces for different families. They keep up with the changing trends and interests when it comes to interior designing. They have the education and experience to curate a design of any style. You can easily transform your space into a high-end landed interior design if you ask for the advice or help of interior designers.
  • Identify the Element that Inspires You: Luxury can come up from inspiration, creativity and is a journey that can be achieved. It marks comfort and provides a chance to pamper yourself in your own comfort space. High-end interior design can help you bring out your hidden inner artist. You can install a high-end kitchen if cooking is your hobby, profession, or passion or you can renovate your outdated kitchen to make it look more professional and aesthetic. You can design cosy spaces just as you wish so that they can offer more comfort, relaxation, and happiness.
  • Plan Strategically: Each stage of the design process is essential and all luxury interior design transformation begins with a good and strategic plan.  When you are considering getting your living room luxuriously designed, each element should be curated with care such as the layout, or by picking the larger pieces that would fit the place proportionately. If you select the finishing materials and the décor in an apt way, it would help in enhancing the composition. Set the focal point around something unique. If you have a fireplace, decorate it. An accent wall or a gallery wall addition can be something unique. When you are planning to add warmth and elegance to your bedroom, add a chic rug or a pile of pillows and throw in a soft blanket to make the place look very cosy and comfortable. Mirrors that frame your bed can add the glam factor and lamps placed in front can bring it further. If the bedroom floor place is limited, utilise the verticals and add an attractive headboard. Buy high-quality dressers and nightstands with good detailing. You could add more statement pieces that would avoid overstuffing and excess expenses. You should have a breathable space with less clutter and well organised space. Hence, avoid chargers, electrical cords, and small necessities that stand in the way.
  • Add the Glam Factor: with luxury interior design comes the glam factor. Shiny metal accents add to the room’s appeal and fit well with all styles, may it be Gold, Silver, Brass, or Copper. It would match with the soft and full fabrics such as silk and velvet. You can even jazz up the dynamics of the room but use things moderately and don’t overdo them. Natural onyx and marble look luxurious by nature and add lasting value to your home. You can add lights and textures and create unique features and stunning focal points. One or two statement pieces might do magic in minimalist spaces. You could also lookup for architects by looking up ‘Architects near me’ online which would bring up a lot of search results.
  • Use Luxe Textures: Sophistication and textures add warmth to the home. Velvet, wool, thick silk, and faux fur are all examples of this. Add a stylish and smooth rug and plush cushions which is a perfect way to introduce a cluster of textures. They can help in adding coziness and eliminate the risk of too cold and dull home design.
  • Opt for Luxury Colours: A natural palette can be sophisticated while royal blue, deep red, purple, black, and gold are established colours of luxury. Purple is associated traditionally with nobility and royalty and that’s the reason why many consider it as a hue of extravagance. It should be noted that the traditional colours are easy to work on. However, a good interior designer could easily make any colour look appealing in a house.  
  • Define the Mood by Lighting: A bold chandelier can be a classical feature that can be hung over a dining table or in the entrance hall. Well-purposed accent lighting would highlight the features of the home, be it architectural or art pieces. Modern luxurious interiors are refreshing when the right light of all shapes, sizes, and purposes are added to be functional as well as luxurious. 
  • High-end Furniture is an Add-on: This furniture doesn’t aim only at luxury. While luxury is an important feature, the high-end furniture adds on to the interior of the house. Hence, an intimate furniture arrangement would work well. Gorgeous sofas and stylish chairs can increase and inspire social interaction. Look for high-quality and larger pieces of furniture over the smaller and cheaper items. Distinctive items would have lasting value, would look more elegant, and fill the space appropriately.