Wet Room Bathrooms: Know the Pros & Cons

You may consider wet room bathroom that is fast becoming a trend these days. Be it using single glass plane to enclosing bath and the shower, it is popular for various reasons. Getting to know the pros & cons can help you make the right selection. If you are new to it, then you should consult the leading Wet room Builders Sheffield company.

Pros of installing wet room bathroom

A good number of homeowners prefer wet room styled bathroom for their home. One of the reasons is that this design does not use glass shower screens that are tough to clean. The bathroom’s openness is what makes it appear much bigger than it actually is. Thus, your property value increases automatically since spacious bathrooms and kitchens can attract potential buyers quickly. This design is also a wonderful option for smaller bathrooms with limited space. You can take help of the Wet room Builders Sheffield experts to install this design to derive optimum benefits.

Bathroom installation with additional tanking (water-proofing) may last longer. This is because it offers additional protection when compared to a normal bathroom fitted with only a tanked shower.

Cons of wet room bathroom installation

One major issue with this design is that everything gets wet. It is a known fact that bathrooms are humid. Hence, it is necessary to understands how guests are to use this bathroom. This is more so if it is to be the main bathroom.

It could be that you have guests at your place. Someone might need to use the bathroom. In such a case, they are to enter the wet bathroom for washing their hands. However, such situations are can be avoided. You can install a single screen or powder room to section the bathroom.  The main bathroom can now be kept for only personal use.

Moreover, wet room installation does involve lots of expense since the walls are to be tiled right from ceiling to the walls. It also requires proper waterproofing. You shoudl check the reputed Wet room Builders Sheffield specialists to know the height to maintain for waterproofing.

Adequate ventilation is essential for this type of room. Besides this, you are likely to be limited on vanity cupboard style that you desire to install. You may consider using a good quality wall hang basin along with concealed wall-storage rather than timber. Also do remember to install a skylight to permit natural light within the room.