5 benefits of metal roofing

Residential Metal roofing is becoming popular among homeowners because of its numerous advantages. Home improvements over the past decade have featured more homeowners switching from asphalt to metal roofing, thereby driving huge demand. Metal roofing comes in different styles to fit multiple home designs and is energy efficient among other benefits. So, whether you’re building a custom home or renovating your old building, consider metal roofing for maximum value and quality.

What are the advantages of a metal roofing? Keep reading to find out.

1. Durability

With proper installation, a metal roof will withstand harsh weather conditions, including strong wind gusts. It is impact-resistant and can last for up to 70 years if properly maintained. The longevity of metal roofs complements their high price. One square foot of metal roofing costs between $120 to $900. Lastly, unlike asphalt, metal roofs require only minimum maintenance.

2. Fire-Resistant

Metal roofs are class A fire-resistant. They protect your home and properties from fire and hazards from the sun. It gives you peace of mind during a case of wildfire or lightning strike. Metal roofs are also known to resist harmful moisture buildup, unlike weaker roofing materials, like asphalt.

3. Energy Efficient

Metal roofs are energy-efficient, saving you money on energy bills enhancing your living conditions at no cost. Installing a metal roof means cutting up to 40% off your energy bills this summer. Metal roofs rather than trap light from the sun, reflect it, keeping it cooler up to 60 degrees cooler than asphalt roofs. Check your current energy bills, experiencing any abnormal increase? Invest in metal roof replacement and save money.

4. Increases Home Value

While metal roofing is made to last 70 years, nothing says you wouldn’t move one day. Whenever you choose to sell, a metal roof will make sure that you don’t sell beyond normal market value.

5. Supports Structural Integrity

Metal roofs are lightweight, meaning no burden on your home’s structure. Your home’s structural integrity is maintained and lives are saved. No structural damage and everyone lives within strong walls.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Don’t we all love nature and would also love to see it preserved and free from pollution? Metal roofing can be recycled 100% after its lifespan. What’s even more intriguing is that up to 95% of its material can be recycled. This means you make money from your old metal roof to fund a new replacement while keeping the environment clean and pollution free.