Things to consider before you plan buying your first house

When we make the decision to buy or sell a home we have to take into account a series of previous aspects. We buy houses San Diego and in this post, we will explain the aspects to take into account before buying a home, those that we have considered the most important. Some of them may be the verification of ADU House Plans los angeles ca, if the payments are up to date, etc.

Community expenses

Before acquiring a home, either between individuals or through a real estate agency, we must check if the former owner is up to date with the payments of the community of neighbors. In case you are not up to date, if the house is purchased, it will be up to the new owner to pay them.

Housing loads

There can be different charges on a home, the most common being a mortgage or an attachment order. To avoid future problems, we must check if there is any type of load on the house. The easiest way to verify it is by requesting a simple note in the Land Registry. 

Energetic certification

Currently it is essential that when signing the deeds of the house the seller must have the energy certificate of the house. If the energy certificate is not available, the notary will not be able to validate the operation and the signing of the deed of the house will have to be postponed.

Price and method of payment

Naturally, the price must be clearly stated in the sales contract. What is sometimes forgotten is to mention the form of payment of said price. The notary must verify how and when the payment of the property has been made.

Public deed

When a sale is made, the parties must state before a notary or a public official their willingness to buy/sell the home. It will be the notary or public official who will attest to said declarations. When raising it to a public deed, it is considered reliable evidence, providing legal certainty, as it conforms to current legislation.


The notary is in charge of verifying that all the data of the sales contract are valid (names, surnames, capacity, legitimacy, etc.), verify if there are charges on the house and if the payments of the community of neighbors are up to date. It is your duty to inform the future owner of the home of all these aspects.

Property registration and name change 

Registration in the Land Registry can be done by the buyer of the property or through a notary. It is always recommended to do it through the notary to avoid missing deadlines that leads to sanctions. It is important that after the sale of a property, the necessary name changes be made so that both the supplies and other documents reach the new owner of the home.

It should be remembered that these aspects are usually much more important to review when a home is purchased through a sales contract between two individuals. Keep in mind that your notary will be able to resolve all the doubts that may arise regarding the contract of sale of the property.