Different Applications of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramics; made from a mixture of natural clay, sand and water can be dated back to at least 24,000 BC. Over the years the benefits of ceramics have been identified and due to their low cost paired with aesthetic appearance, they are preferred globally to be used as a material in interiors and refurbishing spaces. 

Ceramic tiles come with a number of benefits like – they are easy to maintain, affordable, durable, fire-resistant, easy to install and are available in versatile designs. All these benefits lead to wide applicability of these tiles. 

A few prominent applications of these tiles have been mentioned below- 

1] Flooring

Flooring is the stereotypical application of ceramic tiles. Most residential premises make use of ceramic tiles as they are available in plethora of designs and are cost-effective to be installed in large spaces. 

2] Walls

Ceramic tiles also can be utilized on both internal and external walls. Ceramic tiles do not absorb heat and therefore are a feasible option for external walls. They can create a cooling effect which will be beneficial in the summer months too. On internal walls; ceramic tiles mostly serve aesthetic purposes as they can change the color of the room or add patterns to it.

3] Kitchen Counters

Although granite is the most widely used material for kitchen counters; ceramic tiles are slowly being explored. They are easy to clean, and are stain and water resistant due to their glaze. However, one drawback is that they are prone to chipping so that needs to be taken into account. 

4] Patios

Patios or areas usually behind a house, where people usually spend quality time can be built using ceramic tiles. Since they are largely water-resistant, they can withstand extreme climates. Additionally, they come in attractive colors and patterns at affordable prices, which makes them highly suitable for usage in patios. 

5] Walkways 

When walkways are built; the designers want them to be unique. The wide pattern availability in ceramic and its potential to tackle weather conditions make ceramic a good choice for walkways. 

Ceramic, undoubtedly, is a good choice for the all the above-mentioned purposes; however, the quality of ceramic also needs to be taken into consideration. 

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