Doors and windows play a significant role in the general make-up of a house. Unfortunately, the overall functionality of windows and doors will be ineffective when they become drafty.

A door or window can be described as drafty when there is a gap at the top that permits the flow of air in and out of the house. This arises due to sundry causes such as the window wearing out over time, shrinking with age, and the lack of maintenance of new windows.

The good news is that this problem can be fixed by Capor renovations. Immediately you notice draftiness in your windows and doors, you should call a professional to help fix it before the problem escalates.

Why should you fix drafty windows and doors?

  1. They increase the electricity bill of a house: This stems from the gap that permits varying flow of air based on season and causes extra work for the air conditioner to make the house cool in warm weather or the overworking of the heater to make the house warm in cool weather.
  2. Drafty doors and windows pose a great risk to the interior part of a house during heavy rainfall.

5 easy fixes for drafty windows and doors.

Is your home suffering from the effects drafty windows or doors, and the thought of replacing them worries? It should be noted that installation and replacement can be avoided by doing the following:

1. Replace or amend weather strips

A weather strip is a material that covers the joints of a window or door. When added to a window and door, it effectively covers the drafty part and prevents the flow of air.

2. Avail yourself with a window draft stopper

This is one of the easiest ways to stop air from invading your house. A draft stopper is a snake-like cloth tube laid across cracks under doors. Applying a draft stopper effectively prevents the flow of air and further resurfacing of drafty windows.

3. Cover cracks with nail polish

This is another quick method to fix your drafty doors; but, beware of applying the nail polish on windows with coating as it would affect them.

4. Apply air-stopping curtains

The replacement of your lightweight curtains for heavier, insulating window treatments like layered curtains keeps the drafting of your windows and doors at bay. A plus to this fix is the new look the curtains give to the interior of your house.

5. Apply foam tapes

This fix is a potential substitute for weather stripping that may be considered difficult to get or expensive to procure. It is particularly used for curvy windows and doors.

The expertise of a professional is needed to know the best fix for your own drafty windows and doors. Capor renovations offers the best services and they can provide quality materials needed for repairing your drafty windows and doors. Contact us today!