When New is Due: Know when to Ditch Refrigerator Appliance Repair

Refrigerators are lovely additions to the modern home. They are essential to food storage and longevity, sometimes a safe alternative to thawing meat and other cold produce. However, it’s also the most energy-consuming. Even normal-sized refs eat more than 200 kWh every month. In addition, its appliance repair costs are usually worth a fortune.  

So when should you just switch to a new refrigerator?

If you have the following refrigerators with problems:

1.Side-by-side Refrigerator more than 5 years old

2.Bottom freezer types more than 7 years old

3.Top freezers more than 7 years old

These concerns guarantee a replacement, as their lifespan may already have reached its peak. 

If you’re ready to let go of your old refrigerators, here are our suggestions. 

Compact refs

Furrion FCR 43ACA-BL: Annual Energy Use is 151 kWh/yr. It’s compact and it hums quietly during its smooth operation. It’s the perfect compact ref for drinks with super low consumption.

Frigidaire EFR331 Retro Eraser Board Refrigerator: Annual Energy Use: 17 kWh/yr. Its black finish will set any room decor to the tee. You can mark its door with a whiteboard marker as a plus. Reversible doors and customizable inner shelves will make this a sure hit, if the low consumption doesn’t hit you yet. 

Top freezers

DCS RF24LE3: Annual energy use is 186 kWh/yr. You can have this unit with an automatic defroster. There’s no ice maker but if you’re not too picky, this model can be perfect for you. 

Twin EaglesTEOR24E: 186 kWh/yr. Same as DCS, it has no ice maker but the consumption is the same and its full capacity is at 5.1 ft3. 


LG LKIM 08121 is a bonafide LG product, with a whopping 10-year warranty. Its kwh/yr consumption is at 169. The total capacity is at 7.6 ft3, with activated sensors. 

Marvel MPDR 424-SS71A has 19 kWh/yr consumption. The total capacity is at 5 ft3, making storage of more than 100 cans a breeze. 

Bottom freezers

Blomberg BRFB1045WH is beautiful at 286 kWh/yr with automatic defrost and an 11 ft3 capacity. Of course, it certainly helps that this model received the 2020 award for a most outstanding appliance with an energy star. This unit will give you controls on cooling, LED interior lights, and doors that are reversible. 

Beko BFBF 2414SL is also a looker with 286 kWh/yr. This model also received the same award, thanks to its features: Active Fresh Blue Light, cooling, reversible doors, and ease of use electronic control. 


Whirlpool WRF560SEHW has a 19.7 ft3 capacity. It has the lowest freezer storage but it still packs a wallop at 6.34 ft3. 

GE PSB42YSKSS has a full 24.3 ft3 capacity. Its doors are more like side by side but still worth the look. 

Side by side

LG LRSES2706V is a side by side refrigerator that gives you the most out of the features. If you don’t mind the cost, its 26. Ft3 and counter depth will leave you simply amazed. Coolness doesn’t escape this refrigerator, plus it has an ice maker, LED lights, and humidity controls to boot. 

KitchenAid KRSF705HPS has an even more expensive price tag but it has a 25 ft3 and a warranty that will make it a catch for a household that needs its large storage.