What Would be the Right House Selling Choices

What do real estate and home staging professionals recommend? How to write your ad? How to behave during the visits? How to provoke the crush? There are so many questions that we will try to answer. Find the right choice among many ads as We Buy Houses San Diego.

The On-Sale Period

Before putting your property up for sale, there is one rule to know. There is seasonality in sales. You should avoid putting up for sale at Christmas time because in December, buyers take a break from their research. When putting a country house up for sale, it is also wise to do so in the spring, the weather is more lenient and gives the property another dimension.

The Ad Text

The ad is the first contact with your future buyer. The drafting stage is therefore crucial. In addition, highlighting the qualities of your property is recommended, but not too much. Avoid superlatives and lyrical flights. Do not talk about a dressing room if it is actually a wardrobe at the end of your hallway and do not turn your two square meter balcony into a “superb terrace”.

You have to stay honest. Thus, do not hide any work scheduled or planned by the condominium. Talk openly about the facade renovation planned in two years or the repair of the elevators in July. Buyers could flee in the face of a bad surprise and the sale would fall through.

Finally, if you do not go through a real estate agency, find out about the terminology to use do not confuse shower room and bathroom for example.

Neat Photos

To sell your property as quickly as possible, you have to make potential buyers want to come and visit it. To do this, photos are a strong weapon.

A Consistent Selling Price

The often problematic point for sellers is the valuation of the property. To sell as quickly as possible, it is essential not to overestimate or underestimate the selling price. When you sell, you sell your own property. And at home, it’s always more beautiful than at others. As a seller one is not always objective. Result: one overestimates and overestimating drives buyers away.

The effective solution for setting a selling price is comparative market research. Look for houses similar to yours, same square footage, and same year of construction that have been sold in your neighborhood. This will help you get an idea of ​​the fairest price to display. It is important to base yourself on the price at which the house was sold and not the price displayed at the start.

Make Your Ad Visible

To find visitors, and therefore potential buyers, you have to be visible. Using the Internet and peer-to-peer sites can be a good solution. If you prefer to go through real estate agencies, there are mistakes to avoid. Do not multiply agencies. Pick two or three so you don’t look desperate. It is also important to insist that the price displayed is the same in all agencies.

Finishing Work

The finishing work in the houses or apartments for sale should not be neglected. Indeed, the buyer may be put off by exposed electrical wires or loose strips. it is on this kind of small work that the potential buyer will focus. He will tend to overestimate the cost. In addition, the work is the main subject of negotiation of the selling price, that’s why you have to be irreproachable.