What Is the Right Time to Service the Home Air Conditioners?

Even the best air conditioners require maintenance from time to time. Routine maintenance helps in saving a lot of money. There can be durability issues when working with bad conditioners. Further, the latest technology increases the cooling rates and helps to save up electricity. The air conditioners must be maintained properly to help them work nicely.

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How often should you schedule air conditioning services?

You should do at least one annual servicing. In the servicing process, you can clean out all the filters and ducts. You can plan for the annual service at least 2 months before the hot weather.

Some of the annual servicing includes:

  • Checking of the monitor and blower
  • Check the drain line
  • Checking of the coils
  • Checking the compressors, etc.

It’s best to clean the air filters every two weeks. This makes the ACS more efficient. You can ask the aircon to know which of the filters to be used. It also depends on the clogs that it collects. Some of the cleaners can be reused while some need to be changed completely.

Benefits of doing AC maintenance

·       Doing the priority service

If you are dealing with any emergency breakdown, you can sign up for the maintenance contract. The professional will come home and fix the problems for you. Some of the contracts provide priority servicing. These companies maintain regular HVAC systems, which is much less than the systems not maintained properly.

·       Doing regular HVAC checkups

The core of the maintenance contracts is the HVAC checkups. It is a two-yearly inspection to check if the HVAC is running properly or not. It doesn’t just check with energy efficiency, but thinks about the lifespan too. Doing yearly checkup saves money both in the long and short run.

What does AC service include?

There are several things to be checked to make sure that the AC is running well. Besides, the AC specialist starts with lubricating some of the parts. This will ensure the AC work as smoothly as possible. The airflow is also checked properly. If anything is missing, the specialist will bring it to your notice.

All other parts of the air conditioners will be checked thoroughly. It starts with the blower and going up to the duct. The refrigerant levels are checked to keep the cooling high. The specialist will look at the thermostat to make sure that it is running well.

If there is any strange noise coming from the AC, then it’s time for you to call the professionals. When you keep the regular checkups going, then you can be sure of their functioning.


If there is any need to replace AC, then you should do it immediately. The services should be done yearly to keep the system clean.