What factors should be considered while choosing a quality marble tile?

Well, the trending marble tiles are not new but yes it is still quite popular amongst the buyers till now. There is no denial of the fact that marble is lovely and known to be holding its properties which is why you must look for better options present in it. There are so many things you must keep in mind while getting one for your home.

You must ask yourself some questions like what type of flooring in marble is best for the room? Can it be safe, expensive, or easy in terms of maintenance? But here is the post that can ease down your stress to make the decision while buying marble tiles in Canberra.

Know more about marble flooring;

Marble flooring is available in different colours such as brown, green, white, beige, black, and pink to name some. This is a metamorphic rock that is known for its shine when you polish it well.

There are slabs of it that are made from the black marble stone. These stones are quite dense and hard. If you want to get tiles in Canberra for your home then you must consider some factors. This includes:


To choose the right marble, you first need to understand the variety of marble available. This stone comes in different colours and patterns. Every slab is unique and known to have its gain.

Depending on the slab that you choose you can even get it imported. This is one natural stone that even the manufacturers have ISO certified.

Physical features

While selecting the right type of marble slab, ensure that it does not have any kind of stain or crack at all. You need to look out for the manufacturer who gives marble slabs that are coloured artificially. It soon will start facing once the installation is done.

You can of course do better market research before you even purchase to be sure that you are buying the right marble tiles available in Canberra. It is better to go for the spot check for which you simply have to scratch gently at the surface.

Usually, the colour stone will have a coating of the sealant that is applied for keeping the colour stable and hence will not get any scratches easily.

Effects on health

It is wise to consider where you will be using these marble tiles and whether they can give you personal comfort.

The surface of the marble always stays cool and that is why it is best in those areas where the climate is usually warm but certainly in winter it will be quite cold rather shall add chill as well which eventually would add discomfort.


Marble flooring tile is durable but for its style and appearance maintenance, you need to give extra care. Other than regular sweeping, you must mop on a regular basis using mild water and a cleanser.

Bottom line

There is no doubt that marble flooring can be quite a pricey option over other tiles available in Canberra but it surely can add aesthetic appeal to your home. Besides, it stays intact and the polishing is what makes it more superior to other tiles.