What Do You Have To Consider If You Organize The Move Myself?

Young people, in particular, do not seek the support of a moving company when moving for cost reasons. If you move, you need a knack for organizing and the proper logistics such as Alliance moving company for instance. Because the preparation, the proper packing, and furniture transport are time-consuming and exhausting. You should think about the following in good time:

Distance Between The Apartments

An important criterion is a distance between your old and your new apartment. If you are moving within the same city, it is much easier to organize the move yourself. On the one hand, you have to cover a shorter distance; on the other hand, you can easily split the move over several days. It gets more complicated if your new apartment is several hundred kilometers away and the move is to be completed in one day.

Pack securely

You should start packing in good time if you organize your move yourself. Special boxes help you to transport glasses and pictures unbreakable or clothes wrinkle-free. Make sure you have enough boxes and that they are adequately packed. Around 100 boxes are needed for a three-room apartment, depending on the household.

You should also prepare a small box, especially for moving day, that contains the following:

  • protective films and covers
  • duct tape
  • Possibly handcart or similar
  • nerve food
  • Transport insurance to prevent damage. (Note: damage caused by the movers is not covered)
  • Organize movers

How Do You Find Movers?

When looking for hard-working helpers, the first point of contact is family and friends. If they, unfortunately, don’t have time, online services will help you find suitable support from the region and compare them directly. Furthermore, classified ads or, for example, notices in supermarkets can be helpful when looking for experienced movers portland or. In addition, many private individuals offer their services, among other things, as relocation helpers in online job exchanges. Costs can be saved, mainly when students carry the moving boxes, pack the moving van, clean, drive the van or assemble furniture. The savings can, for example, be invested much more sensibly in the new domicile. If you do not find what you are looking for here either, hiring a professional moving company is another option.

Rent A Van

The use of rental car comparisons helps find the right vehicle for the move quickly and cheaply and book it directly. Through cooperation with leading car rental companies, CHECK24, for example, offers a comprehensive selection of over 60,000 stations worldwide.

To be allowed to drive a car or a small van or Sprinter, the driver needs a category B driver’s license. The total weight of the vehicle must not exceed 3.5 t. In addition, it should be clarified with the van rental company in advance who is allowed to drive the vehicle.

Order Online

The timely application for a no-parking zone for the removal vehicle is often forgotten. The advantages are obvious: you can park the van directly in front of your old or new home. As a result, the transport routes are shorter, and damage to the removal goods can be avoided. Furthermore, you can avoid unnecessary trouble with your new neighbors or the public order office. As a result, no necessary paths and access roads are blocked, and possible fines for incorrect stopping can be saved.