What are the right ways of using electric standing desks?

To reap the complete benefits of a dual motor standing desk, you need to understand your body requirements and customize the workstation accordingly. As you know that sitting all day long at the office or your house is not good for your health. The monotonous and sedentary lifestyle has given way to numerous health issues, the most common one being back pain. Researchers have found connections between sitting down and back pain. Also, standing for too long can put pressure on your legs causing pain and damage to your leg tendons and muscles. Therefore, too much sitting and standing can cause adverse health effects. Adjustable standing motor desks are the right solution for you as they flexible movements. However, you need to know the right ways of using these desks. Below mentioned are some of the incredible ways of using a dual motor standing desk.

While standing:

While standing, the desk should be adjusted to your elbow’s height. Lower the desk surface to keep your forearms and the desk surface in a parallel way. Your wrists should be relaxed but your fingers can hang down to work with your keyboards. This is to ensure that your hands and arms are free from injuries. Keep your shoulders relaxed and neck tall to ensure the right posture. A good posture can rightly offer the right support and balance to your body.

While sitting

While sitting, the chair height should be adjusted so that the seat cushion is parallel to your knees. The ergonomic chair helps in adjusting your body position without causing any pain to your lower back.

As far as the computer height is concerned, the monitor screen should be at eye-level. It shouldn’t be above or lower than that. In case if you’re using laptops, use a separate keyboard, mouse, and monitor to adjust your eyesight. Laptops are meant to be used on your lap so they are not a good choice for desks. Avoid using a single light source as it can glare on your screen, putting a lot of pressure and strain on your eyes. Using your computers below the line of sight will make you bow downwards at your screen causing your lower back to bend down. Maintaining the right posture is important and you should also know the right ways of using these electric standing desks.