Types of Dampers and their uses

The range of dampers may leave you confused between which one is the best. The more you read on the web, the more it will leave you confused. From residential properties to large buildings, HVAC systems are a must. However, the system is incomplete if you don’t choose proper dampers along.

In this article, we will read about the most common types of dampers and their uses so that you can make a rational decision. Check out the various types ofHVAC dampers so that you are not left confused in the choice.

Types of Dampers and their uses:

  1. Control dampers:

Control dampers are installed at different corners in the duct area. These help to regulate the flow of air throughout the duct connections. The dampers can be adjusted for changing the directions in case of mixed zones for the flow of hot and cold air. You may check out the various options available in control dampers online.

  1. Balancing dampers:

Balancing dampers help you regulate the air pressure in all the rooms that are connected with the duct network.Any imbalance in the air pressure can cause disruptions in the air flow leaving to discomfort for the residents. This is why balancing dampers are installed to balance the heating and cooling system of the air flow. Once the correct pressure is decided by the HVAC technician, the blades are locked and the damper continues with the same settings.

  1. Multi-zone dampers:

Multi-zone dampers are majorly bought by buildings. Buildings that run on single unit such as a schools, small offices, etc… go for this type of damper. As the name depicts, multi-zone dampers help you to control the flow of air by connecting with multiple actuators.These dampers are often treated as a complete package.

  1. Industrial dampers:

Industrial dampers are designed in a manner to handle maximum air pressures. They can handle a constant temperature of up to 250 degree F and even more.These are constructed with thick gauge materials like steel so that they can tolerate extreme conditions and pressures. All the components and attachments are welded well to ensure maximum durability.

Check out the various types of HVAC dampers online on links like
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