Top five budged bathroom renovation and design tips

You may have finally decided to renovate your bathroom and make it appear fresh, modern and new. It should also offer optimum comfort while using every inch of space that is available. The Bathroom fitters Stockport can ensure that your bathroom is renovated and updated even within a small budget.

Top tips to follow

  • Hire certified fitting team: You do need the services of the experienced Bathroom fitters Stockport before spending money on fittings and tiles. DIY tasks can be good provided you have knowledge and the right tools. Otherwise, you will only end up losing more money than what you had imagined to save. The experts will guide you with the design process and vital fittings/material selection process.
  • Avoid being overambitious: If you are on a budget, then it is better to stick to the plan created by the Bathroom fitters Stockport Position the basic, WC, shower and bath in the place where they were earlier. Remember, laying new water supply and drainage pipe work is likely to be a time-consuming process. It also requires spending additional money on materials.
  • Sanitary fittings: You can find lots of fabulous deals on the online portals. The Bathroom fitters Stockport can provide you with recommendations for shopping on specific portals or shops. This can help you to get huge discounts and not have to compromise on the quality aspect.
  • Contractor price negotiation: There are available a good number of professionals in the market. You need to know what kind of services they provide and if they cover the kind of work you require to undertake. Find out different agencies offering similar services. Do compare their certifications, domain expertise, knowledge, resources available and tools used along with price charged. Select the best one. A good contractor is likely to offer professionals skilled in builder work, plumbing, plastering, woodwork, electrical, decorating and tiling work. Moreover, the contract made should be not verbal, but in writing.
  • Ceramic is by far the most used tiles when compared to natural stone, slate or porcelain. They are also quite affordable and do not need drilling, cutting or special adhesives. A few stone products need periodic sealing for maintaining its new condition. Before investing in adhesives or tiles, it will be useful to discuss with the experienced Bathroom fitters Stockport.

With proper guidance from the industry experts, you can never go wrong with your design and renovation project.