Top 4 Reasons Why Westlake, TX is Worth Calling Home

West Lake is a posh neighborhood only 6 miles from Austin’s downtown and is regarded to be among the most exclusive parts of the city. Many new homebuyers are drawn to this highly sought-after neighborhood because of its close access to downtown for employment, entertainment, and a few of the state’s top public schools. It is a highly sought-after neighborhood in the state capital of Texas, with stunning mansions and breathtaking vistas. However, working with a Westlake TX real estate agent Sammy Midler can be beneficial to locating the ideal property.

Here are some reasons why living in West Lake is a wise investment if you’ve had your eye on a property but cannot determine if it’s the right fit for you.

Excellent location for families

Family values are highly valued in Westlake because most people own their houses, and the neighborhood has a rural vibe. If you are moving here with your family, you will be home immediately! More often than not, the community hosts family-friendly activities that will allow you to spend valuable time with your loved ones.

 Diverse real estate

One thing that sets the West Lake real estate market apart from other communities is the variety of residential properties available for purchase. Although most homes skew toward a more contemporary style, each property is unique in size, age, and design. In West Lake, most residences are single-family houses that date back to the 1960s and 1990s, while you can also easily find opulent condos.

Affordable cost of living

Relocation can occur for various reasons, and each family may have its unique explanation. But the expense of living will still be necessary, no matter why you’re relocating. Most likely, you don’t want to move to a place you can’t afford and will always be in debt. When looking after the whole family, learn about Westlake’s costs and monthly expenditures.

Rent is undoubtedly less expensive than the national average, but the cost of purchasing a property is comparatively more than the norm. 84% of inhabitants own their homes, despite this being the case. Only 16% of them choose to rent. In addition, other items, such as food, cost less than nationwide. Thus, you may argue that living expenses are minimal.

Numerous amenities

Westlake has more outdoor activities than you could ever want or need if you enjoy being outside. With more than 12 miles of some of the state’s most incredible hiking and biking trails, the fantastic Barton Creek Greenbelt offers many activities that make it impossible to grow bored. It is a unique place with countless activities, including swimming, rock climbing, and kayaking. The Austin Country Club in the all-inclusive Davenport Ranch is a great place to come if you enjoy golf. Likewise, the state capital offers excellent food and entertainment just a short distance away, but if you choose to stay in the area, Westlake locals love to shop and eat at The Village.

There are many reasons why many people are choosing to relocate to Westlake. The neighborhood offers an excellent location for families and one of the best family-friendly environments. In addition, you can access numerous homes for sale in Westlake, meaning you won’t be limited to a few options.