The Ultimate Equestrian Community: 5 Types of Horse Barn Structures for Your Wellington Home

Host of The Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) – the world’s largest horse show – Wellington is a horse lover’s dream. This world class equestrian community boasts a dedication to the art of horse keeping unmatched elsewhere in the country. The warm year-round weather and large open lots make it an excellent place to rear horses, including on your property. If you are interested in partaking of the  lifestyle in Wellington, here are five equestrian barn structures you can consider for your property and new herd.

Post and Beam Barns

If you tour many of the homes for sale in Wellington with Wellington FL real estate agent Matt Johnson, you are likely to come across a post and beam barn. This simple but effective design is the most popular type of horse barn – a popularity that draws in part from its cost-effectiveness. Also called the pole barn, the post and beam barn is made with 4’ x 4’ or 6’ x 6’ timbers on 14’  or 12’ centers that are covered by a tongue and groove lumber (T&G) single wall construction. You can usually purchase this barn pre-engineered and install it onto your property.

Indoor Arena with Stabling

In areas with harsh weather, arenas are a popular horse housing option. Arenas can fully enclosed or partially covered and are often connected to a barn. Typically, stalls are installed off the short or long side of the arena. The specific side will usually depend on how many horses you have and how much stabling you need. In addition to stables and stalls, the side spaces can also provide space for a garage, home office, and other uses that can  help you maximize your outdoor space.

Framed Barns

Many homes for sale in Wellington also boast the framed barn design. In terms of construction, this barn type offers the most flexibility, functionality, and space usage. This is why they are usually built where another story needs to be added over the barn. This could be a floor you live in, use as a home office, or more. Framed barns are usually constructed similarly to a home in that they are double-walled. This allows for more architectural experimentation.

Panelized Barns

Also known as prefab barns, panelized barns are common in Texas, Washington, Oregon, and California where they are sold under common brand names. These barns feature a basic structure that is quick to build and often requires few to zero permits. However, this convenience means that they are inflexible and aesthetically unappealing.

Block Barns (“CMU”)

Cinder block or block barns are very common in warm-climate areas where increment weather is a constant reality. Thanks to its sturdy construction, this type of barn is especially popular in Florida and other areas that experience tropical storms and hurricanes. CMU barns are highly durable, and while constructing them can be costly, they can withstand the worst your horses and the weather throw at them.

Explore Wellington Real Estate with Matt Johnson

If you love horses and would like to keep them, there is no better place to live than the Wellington community. The facilities, people, weather, and community are all geared toward equestrian living. If you are ready to explore the Wellington real estate market, contact local expert Matt Johnson. An accomplished rider and competitor himself,  Matt is the perfect guide through your journey to your new Wellington home and the equestrian lifestyle.