The basic information about Wardrobes before buying


Wardrobes are one of the essential things in our day-to-day life. We need to keep our clothes and many other important things in the wardrobe so that the items are intact at a certain place and get access to the items easily. So, wardrobe designing is a very important concept, and we need to enquire or look around certain factors before installing a wardrobe in our homes. The major factor before acquiring a wardrobe is to find out the measurements and layout of the room. Another thing that has to be kept in mind is the basic knowledge about the materials and finishes available in the market.

The user of the wardrobe and the kind of storage needed:

The choice of wardrobe must be made based on its user. For example, it is preferable for older people to use the types of wardrobe with drawers on the lower half to avoid bending. On the other hand, kids do not require much hanging space.

Thus it is preferable to select the perfect types of wardrobe with drawers in order to keep the additional things associated with the kids like toys, books, and other necessary types of equipment. So, choosing the correct kind of storage that is needed for a wardrobe is essential.

Types of Wardrobe:

There are certain types of wardrobes available in the market according to the clients’ basic needs or users. Further, we will discuss such types briefly.

  •       Stand-alone wardrobes:This type of wardrobes is generally movable and is placed against the wall.
  •       Sliding door wardrobes:These wardrobes are characterized by channels on top and sliding shutters in the bottom, which move in each direction, and thus one section of it is always accessible, just like the sliding windows.
  •       Hinge door wardrobes:In this type of wardrobes, both doors are actually fixed on the hinges at the side and swing open outward. We can actually get access to the whole wardrobe. The hinged doors are most suitable for the L-shaped and corner wardrobes.
  •       Walk-in wardrobes:These wardrobes belong to luxurious ones as we can actually walk into the wardrobe. They are generally placed between the bedroom and bathroom with the intention of better convenience.


These are the basic information regarding the wardrobes if you are planning to buy or install a wardrobe in your home.