South Tampa Real Estate: Buyer’s Guide!

Buying a home entails pretty much the same steps regardless of where you are buying. However, the high prices and demand on South Tampa luxury homes make navigating the market on your own trickier. The famous Floridian city of South Tampa draws hundreds of homebuyers every year looking for the state’s best recreation, schools, and amenities. If you are considering buying a home in this warm area, here is what you should know about the process.

Buying a Home in South Tampa

Buying a home in South Tampa begins as all other home-buying processes do – with a full analysis of your financials. Start by running your credit, checking your balances, and assessing your debts to find out how much you can afford to put down as a deposit. Then:

Get Mortgage Pre-Approval

Shop around for lenders and find out what type of mortgage they are willing to give you. It is crucial that you do not saddle yourself with a punishing rate, so take your time and consider all your financing options. Once you find a deal you like, get a mortgage pre-approval letter.

Hire an Agent

A mortgage pre-approval tells agents and sellers that you are a serious buyer. Next, hire a professional real estate agent familiar with the local market. Your agent will guide you through the ensuing legal and technical steps to ensure you get the home of your dreams with minimum fuss.

South Tampa Real Estate

Your agent will also familiarize you with South Tampa real estate. The real estate market in South Tampa is fast-paced and exciting. Because of the area’s booming job market and healthy economy, buyers are always looking for homes for sale in South Tampa, making this one of Florida’s most popular residential destinations. 

The average home sale value is $935,064. For comparison, the average home value in Florida is $356,349, so this is a relatively high-end market. This means you need to create a budget based on your mortgage and financial ability for the type of home you can afford.

Architectural Styles in South Tampa

As you consider property types, it is also important to explore the different architectural styles of South Tampa. South Tampa neighborhoods are rich and varied, with homes ranging from American Farmhouse to Modern. Your choice will depend on your budget but also your tastes. Your options include:


Mediterranean homes are built for the hot summer climate of countries by the Mediterranean Sea. Common features include stucco finishes, tiled roofs with air pockets between the shingle for cooling, small room balconies, and courtyards.


Contemporary homes are spacious and prioritize a harmony with the outdoors. These properties utilize a lot of sustainable materials and natural components to provide tons of natural light and outdoor living.


Modern homes embrace the modernist art movement. They feature a lot of open living spaces, geometric lines, and modern amenities.


These casual one-story homes feature private backyards and a cozy farm vibe.

Inspections and Negotiations

After you settle for a home, hire an inspector to assess the condition of your home. Your agent will help you with this. The results of the inspection should inform your offer and strategy during the negotiations, where, again, your agent will take the lead.

Explore South Tampa Real Estate with an Agent

South Tampa is a fast-paced real estate market with many high-value properties and competitive buyers. If you are ready to explore homes for sale in this area, contact The Sails Team to hire a professional agent. This team of real estate agents boasts an expansive network and years of experience in Florida real estate. Call today for expert help finding your dream home.