Some Useful Tips for You to Consider While Building a Timber Frame Extension

Traditionally, timber is the best building material used to build homes for its salient features, including strength, durability, thermal insulation, noise reduction, energy efficiency, low maintenance, and quick installation. Your home extension job involves financial investments.

Hence, you must consciously choose the best suitable timber frame to enhance the aesthetic and rustic beauty of your home. It must also add values to your property equivalent to your invested money. A timber frame consists of structural walls and floors which are made with timber studs and rails. It is cladded together with a sheathing board to create a load-bearing structural support.

A Timber frame extension is a way to add extra spaces and value to your existing home. Vision Development has timber frame housing and extension kits manufacturing facilities in Berkshire, U.K. With over 30 years of expertise, they can provide wide range of custom designed kits and installation services across the South of the U.K. They also have supportive partners to provide various add-on services like roofing, flooring, and building surveys.

Here are a few important tips to consider while building a timber frame extension.

1. Prepare a plan and budget

You must have a detailed plan of the layout of your extension work. Initially, you need to determine the ideal place or position to add timber frame extensions. This will help you to select suitable size, shape, style, and design of the frame to be installed. You plan must also include essential researches on available designs and colours.

The price of timber frame extension varies greatly for different timber frames selections. Hence, you must set a budget for your extension work to minimize the area of selections. It saves your time which you would have spent browsing through expensive and out-of-pocket frame designs and styles. It will also help you to manage your basic expenses precisely.

2. Research for best contractor

It is a crucial decision to choose the right builder for your timber frame extension. Any wrong decision can turn your dream project into a scary nightmare. You must browse online to check the best contractor for timber frame extension near you. Before finalizing your contractor, you can check their BBB service rating and their past clients reviews.

You can also verify their license validity and tack records. A trusted and reputed contractor will not only handle your project safely but will also handle any legal procedure required to commence your extension work.

3. Inspect landscape and groundwork

Essentially, you must carry an inspection of your landscape and groundwork carefully with the help of a construction expert. They will work to determine the timber frame size, condition of the location, and type of soil. These factors will help you to avoid any structural defects in the foundation. Eleminating such defects will help you build strong and durable foundation for better longevity and resilience of the timber frame extensions.

4. Work with weather

In case you have undertaken on-site timber frame installation work, you must consider weather elements as they could disturb the work in progress.

5. Consider additional features

You may also consider other additional features like interior decoration, frame style, wall designs, and external coatings or insulation to add the versatile and salient features of the timber to your property. It enhances the beauty and monetary value of your home.