Some Advantages Of A Plasterboard Ceiling Roof

In addition to remarkable ease of installation, as we have seen, and fewer problems to work with its plates than with other materials, plasterboard ceilings also have other advantages and properties. The main one is that, without the need to scrape the “main” ceiling, to call it somehow, it allows the installation of all kinds of heating and air conditioning ducts and also tile and metal. Also of lighting bulbs, and their respective electrical cables. But it also offers other types of benefits. The main one is an increase in the isolation of the rooms in which it is placed.

Indeed, although plasterboard is not in itself an insulating material, and the ceilings that are built with it are not wholly insulating, the addition of this ceiling to the existing one allows increasing its level of insulation. Both regarding cold and heat as well as noise. Therefore, a false ceiling made of plasterboard helps maintain the rooms’ thermal comfort in which it is installed. And also, it will significantly muffle the noises from the upper deck. As for its more significant protection against cold and heat, this type of ceiling contributes to the fact that less heating is needed to heat the rooms in winter. But also less air conditioning to cool them in summer.

Its ease of installation is also extensible to the placement of all kinds of bulbs, spotlights and lighting systems, not just hanging. Also embedded in the plasterboard plates, which can be easily manipulated and drilled. To cut plasterboard, you only need a tool as simple as a cutter with a specific resistance. In case you have to cut it in a straight line, you can use a ruler to mark the line and avoid twisting. If you have to make a round hole, you can use a circle with the appropriate diameter as a guide. This circle can be made of wood, plastic, or any other type of material with some resistance. You will probably have to brush the edges of the cut so that they are smooth and even.

Therefore, opening the holes necessary to embed spotlights in the plasterboard is more straightforward and cleaner than doing it in other materials especially when it’s done by highly trained contractors. Also faster. Therefore, getting a modern look to the home also on the roof is easier with plasterboard ceilings.