Singapore’s Approach to Tree Pollarding: An Overview of Techniques and Services

In Singapore’s verdant spaces, tree pollarding—a practice that encourages the growth of lateral branches by trimming a tree stem or minor branches two or three metres from the ground—is commonplace. Amidst a bustling urban landscape that harmoniously blends contemporary architecture with abundant greenery, numerous professional services specialize in this age-old pruning method.

Comprehending Tree Pollarding

Pollarding, a pruning technique, entails the removal of a tree’s upper branches, resulting in a thick canopy of leaves and branches. This method not only helps manage the tree’s size, but it also preserves its health by eliminating frail wood and lightening the load on primary branches. Regular pollarding can even prolong the life of some tree species by sustaining a stage of youthful growth.

Available Tree Pollarding Services in Singapore

Several exceptional tree cutting services in Singapore offer pollarding as part of their suite of services. Among these are well-regarded companies such as Green Garden Group, Prince’s Landscape Pte Ltd, Complete Services, BSG Construction & Landscaping, and more.

For example, Green Garden offers top-tier tree cutting and pruning services in Singapore, employing a team of highly experienced professionals. Meanwhile, BSG is a specialist in tree cutting, pruning, and removal, capable of managing projects of various scales.

Tree Pollarding Costs in Singapore

In Singapore, the cost of tree pruning services, including pollarding, can vary significantly. Prices can range from as affordable as $60 to as high as $6,000 per tree, contingent upon factors such as the tree’s size, the complexity of the task, and the service provider.

Maintaining Health of Urban Trees in Singapore

Singapore’s National Parks Board (NParks) employs over 250 ‘tree doctors’ to manage and inspect the more than 2 million trees in urban areas. These arborists utilize specialized tree pruning methods, including pollarding, to ensure the health and safety of the city’s green spaces.

In conclusion, tree pollarding is instrumental in preserving Singapore’s urban forests. With a plethora of professional services on hand, this pruning technique guarantees the continued vibrancy and vitality of the city-state’s greenery.