Signs That Your Business Needs Commercial Termite Services

If you own a company and commercial real estate, you are conscious of the building’s significance to the success of your company. Without it, your company’s operations might be severely jeopardized, risking its financial health. Both company owners and property managers need to be cautious about termites. Implementing preventative measures from Pointe Pest Control can address the problem promptly, preventing further damage to your business or property.

How to know if your business needs commercial termite services

You need to contact an experienced pest prevention company to arrange for a termite inspection to be conducted at your business if you notice any of the following warning signs:

  • Random sawdust

Termites break down wood into a material that mimics sawdust as they eat it. It might not be natural dust if you see something around the outer edges of your walls that looks like fine powder or dust. Termites eating on dry wood can be the reason. Keep an eye out for unusual material buildup in places like restaurants and office buildings where sawdust accumulation is not really expected.

  • Mud tubes outside of your building

You might have a subterranean termite infestation if you notice pencil-sized mud tubes on the side of your property. These species of termites dig tunnels to keep moisture out since they need a specific humidity and temperature for survival. In the case that these tubes have been found on your property, termites can be flourishing within. 

  • Blazing or blistering wood

Termites may cause the surface area to bubble as they eat wood. Almost anything constructed of wood on your property, such as floors and walls, can suffer this.

  • Cracked wood

Naturally, termites can leave behind significant wood damage. Long grooves appear frequently in chewed wood. It is expected to discover wood degradation underneath or below floors and walls.

  • Soft spots on your walls

Termites might be causing severe damage to your building if you gently strike on the walls and see that the wood is moving inward. Termites create digging through drywall or wood, which causes soft spots.

  • Small holes in the paper

On the surface of your desk, there might be books or files. Due to their wood content and simple metabolism, termites might target such objects.

Potential Termite Damage to Businesses

The damage that these tiny pests might do to you must be recognized before you understand the importance of termite treatment for companies. Therefore, below is a list of dangers that termites can pose to commercial businesses:

  • Property and Structural Damage: Property or structural damage is the worst kind of damage that termites can bring to a business. They may consume almost anything made from organic materials, including furniture, shelves, cabinets, and vital records, leaving a company totally devoid of vitality. 
  • Destroys the Image of the Business: How would you run a company if termites became an issue? These termites are going to destroy your business rather than letting you handle it! A termite problem on a business site can harm the business’s image among consumers. They would instead do business with other companies than with you. You will lose current customers and miss out on acquiring new ones if you delay scheduling a termite treatment for your workplace!