Replacing A Window, The Ideal Solution?

If the replacement of windows or Patio sliding door repair often seems essential, it is simply because it brings significant advantages for a price that is not necessarily higher. We will, therefore, ideally replace a very old window, a single-glazed window, or a double-glazed window whose defects are very significant.

In many cases, buying a very basic double-glazed window can be less expensive than the complicated repair of an old window. The margins and economy of scale of the modern window can make this kind of paradox possible.

Replacing A Window, The Ideal Solution

We always recommend checking several scenarios with the works contract to explore all avenues to obtain the best quality/price ratio. The main benefit of replacing a window is undoubtedly the extension of the life of the equipment, which repair cannot quite match.

Transforming A Window Into Double Glazing: A Good Idea?

In some cases, installing additional glass on a single-glazed window is possible. The purpose of the operation is to benefit from the insulation of double glazing without having to change the entire window. This window repair is called overglazing and may be an acceptable solution. We generally opt for this solution for listed buildings, very atypical windows, or all cases where the original window must be preserved. Be careful because the cost of overglazing can be equivalent to a new window and even exceed mine.

Steps To Fixing An Exterior Window Sills

Exterior window sills must withstand all weather conditions; it is, therefore, advisable to use materials other than those used indoors. They drain rainwater from the windows and facades of houses and should therefore be inclined by four to five degrees. The water can thus flow away without any problem. You will need the following equipment:

  • Mortar
  • construction foam
  • Cutter
  • Spirit level
  • Trowel
  • Protection Profile

Step 1: First, remove excess mounting foam due to window installation. To do this, use your cutter. Then attach the protection profiles to the frame for a clean finish at the window. Then apply a coating to the protective film that covers the profiles, then remove it.

Step 2: Then comes the assembly stage itself. Measure the installation length and width of the exterior window sill and then measure the angles for the connecting pieces to the wall on each side. You must cut the exterior window sill precisely to your exact measurements. This is the only way to guarantee a satisfactory result. If you are using wood, a saw will suffice.

Step 3: Position the window sill in the recess and make sure it does not touch the interior window sill. Then fix the window sill using the brackets. Use your spirit level so that your exterior window sill is not crooked. For this step, keep the inclination mentioned above in mind.

Step 4:

Finally, fix the window sill using the mortar and your trowel. The assembly is now complete but if this proves hard, use a professional like Apex Window Werks for instance for the job.