Manage Property Maintenance Costs With Flexible Glues

Handling the cost of property maintenance is not always easy, but strategies you are able to reduce this cost before long. Keeping these costs in check means dealing with cover close concentrate on your house and making repairs that will last. Products for instance EcoGlue Extreme, E-6000 and FAMOWOOD Wood Filler retain the extended lasting strength and durability that’s needed to reduce the requirement to make pricey repairs or replacements.

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These products have multiple benefits and uses:

To close leaks or cracks around sinks and countertops use E-6000. It bonds to metal, tile, plastic, porcelain and rubber that is the best single component adhesive. Reattaching loose shower tiles is less pricey than replacing an entire shower and E-6000 is durable, flexible and waterproof.

Avoid constant future maintenance over the plumbing within the building by utilizing E-6100 helping you to connect and/or repair PVC pipes, even overhead.

Our water-based industrial adhesive, EcoGlue Extreme is helpful for indoor repairs on molding, sills, flooring and doorways. EcoGlue Extreme has truly low VOCs helping maintain good indoor quality of air. It bonds to several substrates including metal, rubber, glass, fiberglass, concrete, masonry, vinyl & plastic, that makes it ideal for various maintenance and repair projects.

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Wood surfaces for instance flooring can require continuous maintenance otherwise properly cared for. To reduce fostering on repairing holes and cracks in wood surfaces use FAMOWOOD Wood Filler. It spreads easily and evenly into small or big holes & cracks in defects in incomplete wood.