Living Room Furniture Options and How to Choose It

If you are unsure of your personal style when decorating your living room, there are plenty of magazines and YouTube videos that will give you a better understanding of popular aesthetics, so you can make the best decision for your home.

You will need to add a few pieces or remove a couple as your tastes change over time. So, the living room is a great place to start with your home’s first impression. We’ll look at a few things that might help you on your way to a better living room design.



You can’t Netflix and chill anywhere else but on your sofa. You cannot overestimate the importance of this piece. It is the most important piece of furniture in your home. Here you can entertain guests, lounge, take a nap, or relax when you are sick. You can choose between a loveseat, modular, divan, or traditional sofa (just like people, they all come in different shapes and styles). It makes no difference what type of style you choose, know that it will probably be a long-term investment, and keep sustainability in mind. Don’t forget about engaging upholstery service Singapore for an unbelievably soft feel and is highly breathable. 


The chairs in your living room not only provide seating but also add an element of contrast in color and fabric. To be perfectly honest, chairs are more diverse than the majority of our bigger contemporary sofas. And just like our sofas, we make sure our chairs are as sustainable as possible since we understand that chairs are an investment in a home and an extension of the aesthetic.

Side Tables

A living room can be complemented with a console table or end table depending on the height of the sofa or chair. For a more turn of the century aesthetic, go for natural wood tables that are sleek and simple, but you can also go for highly ornate options, or maybe even for really sleek high-grade metal tables for a very futuristic vibe as long as it matches the rest of the furniture.


For miscellaneous decor, the bookshelf or decor stand is a great choice to display your memorabilia and erudition and tie them to your end table, but make sure you keep your bookshelf clean and free from stains.

During the rainy season, natural wood and tightly packed corners are the perfect breeding grounds for mould. You should also vacuum between and behind the couch or bed to avoid breeding dust bunnies in the corners and under the baseboards.

Creating unique wall art is another marvel, make sure it’s something that really catches your eye, or makes you smile when you see it, the uniqueness should be undeniable; the work should also be personalized. The area rug completes the look of your living room, so make sure you choose one that accents the colour of your sofa.