Leaky Basements: Causes and Solutions

Admit it! When you think about leaky basements, you get extremely worried. Water damage can happen when you expect it the least. That’s why you should learn more about the causes and solutions for leaky basements. Usually, professional basement waterproofing services can offer the peace of mind you need. Also, waterproofing your basement can solve all your problems. Here are the top causes of leaky basements that you can solve with basement waterproofing.

#1 Poor grading

One of the most common leaky basement causes is poor grading. Grading is meant to protect your home and redirect the water away from it. However, when you have ineffective grading, water can seep inside and cause a lot of problems. You can fix this situation with professional help. A basement waterproofing technician can identify the issue with your grading and drain the water in the right direction.

#2 Poor foundation

It is common for homes to experience some cracks in the foundation. But if these get extensive, you risk experiencing a leaky basement. All homeowners that notice this problem must consider expert basement waterproofing. Foundation cracks can lead to structural problems if left unattended.

#3 Poor gutters and downspouts

Key elements of your home are represented by gutters and downspouts. If these are installed poorly or get damaged in time, they can allow water to enter your basement. Poor gutters and downspouts allow water to go directly to your foundation. So, you should focus on regular maintenance and repairs to prevent this issue.

#4 Poor drainage system

The whole purpose of basement waterproofing is to drain water and moisture to keep the area dry. A poor drainage system can interfere with your home’s comfort and safety. You should consider installing a drain tile and sump pump to effectively waterproof your basement.

#5 Poor ventilation

Poor ventilation in a basement can make your home prone to increased moisture and condensation. In most cases, leaks and poor ventilation lead to obvious signs of basement problems. We recommend you consider expert help. A basement waterproofing technician can assess your area and suggest the best methods to prevent basement condensation and water leaks.

The bottom line

These are the main causes of basement leaks and what to do about them. As usual, we always recommend avoiding DIY repairs. Only an experienced basement waterproofing technician can assess and identify all the issues in your basement. With professional help, you can prevent serious water damage to your home.