One major incentive investment of any kind promises is its returns. No one likes to pump money into a project or business that will not be profitable to them in the future. This is why before any major money decision is made, careful thoughts, planning and research is carried out. 

For businesses that deal with the usage of large trucks or vehicles, it is important the business owners invest in fleet washing. The returns on this kind of investment is immediate and lasting. Fleet washing gives an very good impression of your brand to the public. Remember, the vehicles used are what people see daily, they represent you and your business wherever they are seen. It is important to always keep them clean and in perfect condition. 

What is fleet washing?

Cleaning automobiles to get dirt and debris out of the gears on your fleet vehicles is simply referred to as “fleet washing.” Each fleet washing task is unique. The frequency of washing varies depending on the type of machine, its availability for cleaning, the intensity of cleaning needed, and other factors. In Aquaterra mobile wash, the level of fleet washing service provided might range from a straightforward water-only pressure wash to a comprehensive detailing session.

Is fleet washing a worthwhile investment?

Absolutely, yes! It is a worthwhile investment. Fleet washing is a crucial but often overlooked component of your agricultural or industrial business. Your fleet cars’ dirt does not only constitute a nuisance; it also poses a safety risk and can quickly block gears or other machinery, which can affect performance. The following are added benefits of fleet washing:

  • Fleet washing can help you retain your best drivers. Most good drivers value clean vehicles, they can leave simply because the vehicles they control is not clean enough. Fleet cleaning also promotes your drivers health and wellbeing.
  • The decision to outsource fleet washing can be quite advantageous for you financially and can help you manage your time. Equipment for pressure washing, cleaning solutions, specialty soaps, and the cost of maintaining this equipment can all be avoided. 
  • For simple record-keeping, fleet washing is recommended. Tracking your costs is significantly simpler when you participate in a fleet car maintenance plan. You can hire the services of Aquaterra mobile wash to help clean and record all your company’s vehicles into their system to maintain a record of each cleaning.

To guarantee the best performance and appearance of your fleet, it is recommended you use the services of Aquaterra mobile wash for your fleet washing. Here, you are sure to get enough returns on your investment. Contact us today to give your fleet an organised, neat and impressive look.