Ipe Wood Decking: Witnessing The Masterpiece Of Nature

The character and beauty of Ipe wood decking make anyone appreciate its natural look, with no fake wood patterns on it. The natural patterns of Ipe wood make it an excellent decking and siding as many architects and designers find the real beauty in it. You will cherish the magnificent strength and color of ipe wood decking Florida products. The fact that this wood is highly resistant to insects, decay, and mold, incredibly surprises you with its longevity and can withstand different weather conditions beautifully.

Is Ipe harvested illegally that leads to deforestation?

So, the local government has regulated its harvest making Ipe hardwood become in-demand in the market and only a lucky few can get the chance of owning it, due to the limited supply. Although Ipe wood is not highly accessible, still many people are looking after it, especially during its availability. Still, Ipe hardwood remained standing in the tropical reservoirs for decades and was perfectly preserved.

Ipe wood as water and rot-resistant

Water is a big hazard for any wood structure except the tropical hardwoods, especially Ipe which is naturally water-resistant and it works great in wet climates. The natural oils of the wood make it strong enough to avoid damaging factors, like insect damage and decay. Decay usually develops due to harmful fungi because of water exposure. The origin of Ipe makes it the most durable and strongest tropical species worldwide.

The Brazilian lumber comes from the rainforest of America where it is exposed to weather conditions, making it withstand any climate. So, it can withstand any other threats surrounding it, a big thanks to its natural environment that made this wood long-lasting to use. Many say that Ipe wood is not a budget-friendly choice of wood for decking and any other projects. The reason behind it is the high price of the wood that makes it customer-friendly.

Here is the top two reasons why Ipe wood is budget-friendly:

  1. The dense wood ensures durability, which makes it last long. It proves that you can never spend much on repairing and replacing every 5 years of use.
  2. The characteristic of Ipe wood is very difficult to dent because of its scratch-resistant wood. It is a clear indication that the beauty of the wood doesn’t need any coat decking product.

If you are going to evaluate the traits of Ipe wood, it is the top choice of the most budget-friendly material for decking.