How To Choose Bathroom Accessories?

Remember that a bathroom is a humid place, and take this into account when choosing your bathroom accessories. If you are renovating a bathroom, investing in metals with quality material, such as stainless steel or chrome, helps to avoid the appearance of rust and mold – or that break easily. This goes for towel hooks, shampoo holders, trash cans, and toilet paper holders. Rigid plastic accessories are also a good option and are more economical. The important thing here is to maintain harmony between the accessories.

This does not mean they must all necessarily be of the same line or color. But that they “talk” to each other, complementing each other.

By the way, painted bathroom accessories from bathroom showrooms Kent for example require special attention due to the risk of peeling. If your option is for metals and accessories painted in black, gold, or rosé gold, for example, avoid using abrasive products and materials when cleaning, as over time, they may remove the paint.

5-Bathroom Accessories To Invest In

  1. trash can: yes, you will look at it many times throughout the day. Why not invest in a beautiful trash can? For example, you can choose one that matches the toilet brush and the toilet paper holder.
  2. laundry basket: if the place for dirty laundry in your house is the bathroom, let it decorate with the decor too! The basket can also come in the same color pattern as the trash can or other accessories – such as baskets where you store extra towels or papers.
  3. Suction cup bathroom fixtures: These are great for rental properties where you can’t drill holes in tiles. There is everything from shampoo holders, and toothbrush holders with suction cups to hooks to attach to the door and hang extra clothes or towels. It is also worth the suggestion to choose tones that converse with the current bathroom decor.
  4. Bathroom Countertop Accessories: Basic kit includes a liquid soap dispenser, bar soap holder, and toothbrush holder. The tip for the time of purchase is to observe whether the dispenser spout was made with quality material (if not, it will rust soon). Also, look at the opening of the brush holder – which needs to be washed frequently, as it accumulates water (does it have an opening underneath to drain the water, does a brush or sponge fit for cleaning?).
  5. bathroom decoration accessories: Pots to store cotton and cotton buds are a good choice to complement your kit. Also, if your countertop has space or upper shelves, you can bet on candle holders or matching plant vases. A sprig of mint in a glass of water can add a special charm and aroma to the bathroom.