How Long Does it Take to Build a Pool

On average, building a swimming pool takes between 8 and 12 weeks, typically, as outlined below:

Design — Between 1 and 4 Weeks

The voyage to getting a new pool begins with a design, so meet with a pool designer, like Open Water Pools, to talk about the vision you have. The design process has been streamlined by 3D modeling technology; however, it takes some collaboration to determine the ideal pool for the yard.

Permit Process – between 2 and 6 Weeks

To build an inground swimming pool, the majority of counties, townships and cities require homeowners to have a residential building permit. Permits are used to communicate to local professionals, city officials and neighbors that the new addition is being constructed in a safe and legal manner.

The process can take anywhere between one week and longer than six weeks for some designs, and all the wait times are dependent on the length of time it takes for permits to be approved. There are municipalities that quickly approve permits, and approval will be given in two weeks. Other officials can take many months to authorize the construction.

Excavation – 1 Week

It typically only takes a day or two to excavate for the pool construction fort worth tx, sometimes obstacles can arise if there is restricted access to the site by obstructions like utility lines. In addition, the swimming pool contractor could be backlogged with projects from other customers who previously scheduled their pool build.

Steel, Electrical and Plumbing — Between 1 and 2 Weeks

After the digging of the pool, laying the steel, routing the plumbing and electrical, and making sure the underworking of the pool is set up for the highest reliability are the next steps. Typically, the process takes roughly 2 weeks based on the complexity and size of the pool.

Pool Steel, Plumbing and Electrical – 1 to 3 Weeks

This is where the “pool” component of the swimming pool is installed. Based on what type you are constructing, the process could take between 1 and 3 weeks. Fiberglass and vinyl pools are quicker as the produced pool liner is transported and directly installed. A sprayed concrete (gunite) pool will take a bit longer as a crew must be arranged and given time to plaster, and it could take as long as a week for the concrete to cure.

Deck, Custom Features, Landscaping – 1 to 4 Weeks

After the completion of the pool base, you could think about adding water features, custom lighting or landscaping. Typically, the process takes between 1 and 2 weeks, it could take longer based on the number of features you want added.

After designing, getting permits, digging, putting in the gunite or shell and finishing off with a patio or deck, you can now enjoy your backyard sanctuary. Two to three months can look like a long time, it is actually not when compared to the years of enjoyment to be had in the pool.