How excavator attachments change the game for any site and project

Excavator attachments have changed the game for any site and project within construction and engineering. Mini excavators are always a popular choice when customers are working with a plant lease company, due to how versatile they are without the extras, but when you consider hiring excavator attachments on top, it opens up a whole world of possibilities for your project and site, enhancing standards, efficiencies, and increasing versatility and flexibility of operations.

Reasons to hire excavator attachments

Let’s look at a few of the good reasons why hiring excavator attachments is such a good idea.

Increased versatility

The first thing to consider is that you are taking an already versatile piece of machinery in a mini excavator and enhancing its versatility even more. There are a wide range of excavator attachments on the market, from buckets to rippers, grapples, and so much more. It means your humble mini excavator can do so much more than just dig.

Increase efficiencies on site

By utilising the extra attachments with your excavator hire, you are increasing standards, ensuring a streamlining of operations, and improving productivity. A high quality bucket attachment can significantly improve the digging function and how materials are handled, as just one prime example. It takes less time to complete a greater number of tasks.

Improved safety standards

Safety should always be a priority on site and with excavator attachments you are improving the function and safety levels for a wide range of tasks. When hiring an excavator, you might be tempted to utilise the machine in areas where it can perform but it is not optimal, increasing the chances of sub-optimal performance and potential accidents. With an attachment for a specific task, safety standards naturally improve.

Types of excavator attachment hire

There are a few different types of attachments that you can hire with your excavator, including:

Bucket attachment

A bucket or scoop attachment provides a deep shovel action, which is a requirement when digging ditches and digging deep for foundations. It is heavy duty and robust, with various types of buckets to provide sturdy digging, sieving capabilities, and so much more.

Hammer attachment

These are great for breaking down tough concrete and other surface types, delivering high-impact performance within heavy demolition tasks.

Grapple attachment

A grapple is used for general material handling and clamping for more secure movement of materials. It can be used to clear rubble and materials from site, to load bulky materials, and is a great tool for sorting materials of different sizes.

Auger attachment

When you need to dig holes with speed and efficiency, the auger attachment is where you need to go. It penetrates the earth to drill holes for wells and pillars, for landscaping purposes, and provides optimal accuracy.

Choosing the right excavator attachment when hiring an excavator from a plant lease company will help you to maximise efficiencies on site, to cut costs, and to increase safety standards. Work with a plant hire company that you can trust to ensure you have the utmost versatility with your mini excavator hire.