How Do You Store Road Salt Correctly For Snow Removal

Storage is essential for road salt. The salt is available in plastic bags or buckets with lids in most cases. The salt quickly attracts moisture from damp rooms such as the basement and clumps. After clumping, it is no longer so easy to scatter, which is why you should always make sure that the lid or bag is tightly closed. In addition, the salt should be stored in a location that is as dry as possible.

 The Use Of Road Salt

Most people put too much salt which can be gotten on ninja de-icer for example on the sidewalks and patios. In a thaw or spring, the salt should be swept away again. Salt is not suitable for nature, so it should not be used too much. Not much salt is needed in snow, a little more in black ice. You should not sprinkle again immediately if you notice that the snow or ice is already slightly thawing. So in this matter too, less is more.

Ash As An Alternative To Salt

Many people know that ash can be a natural alternative to road salt which can be bought online such as ninja de-icer. If you have your fireplace in the house, you can sprinkle your sidewalks and driveways with the ashes of the stove. However, the ashes should also be used sparingly. It also reduces the risk of slipping and ensures that ice and snow thaw a little. However, it should be noted that it quickly becomes greasy in the thaw and pollutes the paths. It should therefore be removed again in spring.

Other Alternatives To Spreading

Salt-free grit, limestone, or sand is also recommended. In this case, one speaks of the dulling grit. These agents have no thawing effect, but they do provide a grip. If the snow is gone again in spring, the funds can be swept up and possibly reused. Gravel reduces the risk of slipping very well. But here, too, it is essential to remember that it has to be removed again in spring, as it can be dangerous for cyclists on the roads.

Fight Black Ice With Potting Soil

Anyone who has a garden probably also has some potting soil. Lime, peat, and fertilizer are ideal for treating black ice. In this case, too, not much soil should be used, as it has to be removed again in spring. Nevertheless, it offers a very environmentally friendly alternative to many other means and ensures grip on the annoying ice surfaces.


Ice and snow can be thawed again quickly and easily with the right equipment and means. With the suitable means, you can provide more grip to save yourself and your fellow human beings from dangerous stunts on smooth surfaces. Most funds are relatively cheap to buy and should be used sparingly. In spring, at the latest, the paths, driveways, and terraces should then be cleaned again to initiate the warm season.