Guide To Prepping The Floor For Tiling

Designing your floor with tiles is the most advanced thing you can do. Not only does the solidity of the tiles protect your floor but it changes the look of the room altogether. So if you are thinking of tiling your floor, it is imperative to know the size, colors, designs, and patterns these tiles come in.  Further, since there are several aspects concerning floor tiles, one must know how to prep the floor before tile installation. It is thus important to know the process and the aspects involved in installing tiles. 

  • Cleanliness

A clean floor plays an important role in the whole process of installing tiles. A clean surface can help you see smaller cracks that may need your attention. A clean floor can also help you get a better bond between the concrete and the next layer of the subfloor. 

  • Patch

A sound and plain surface is quite important for installing the tiles. So filling all the cracks and holes in the floor with cement is necessary as these cracks and depressions may later create weak spots that may cause the tiles to break. Another significant thing to do is to ensure the level of the concrete surface. Patching up the surface is thus an important aspect as well as a necessary step in preparing your floor for tiling. 

  • Leveling

Leveling the floor is the next most important thing to do before tiling the floor. A floor leveling compound could be used for larger holes and flaws in the cement floor. Once the floor is even, you are ready to move on to the next and final step before tiling. The leveling of the floor is perhaps the most significant part before tiling it because an uneven floor is the death of the tile. The tile will easily break due to this. 

  • Drying

The final thing to do is drying the floor. Blotting it to remove any residual water would help as the biggest issue with cement is that it will eventually catch moisture. So getting the floor dry before a sealer is extremely important and is a vital part of preparing your floor for tiling.

A few steps and precautions are needed to be followed to tile your floor and with the best range of tiles from Club Ceramic, you can definitely make a difference. So make sure you follow all the necessary steps.