For Thorough Cleaning, Remember To Clean The Ceiling


When cleaning the house using euromaids cleaning services, there is a detail that many people do not remember, but it is essential for the cleaning to be complete. Ceilings may look like they are not dirty, but they are places where dust accumulates and also where there may be cobwebs.

Generally, cleaning care is simple and basic. But it is essential to pay attention to the type of ceiling material; after all, this will determine how to clean and which product to use not to damage the material. Another precaution is to spread the dust accumulated there throughout the rest of the house instead of cleaning. This can happen if the idea is to run a broom across the ceiling, which is quite common but not necessarily ideal.

The roof of the house, in general, is made of cement, masonry, wood, and PVC. Painted ceilings are usually washable. Daily, in the case of cleaning, you can take a cloth and dip it in water, wring it out, wrap it in a broom or squeegee and pass it on the ceiling. This way, it is possible to remove the dust.

For more thorough cleaning, the home facilitator recommends using a homemade solution. “In about five liters of water, which is a half-half bucket, you put two tablespoons of detergent, dissolve it well and soak the cloth in this solution to clean the ceiling.

She recommends the same type of cleaning as suggested for the PVC one for the wooden ceiling. But he makes an essential caveat so that the ceiling material is not damaged or for those who want to do a more specific cleaning. It is essential to look at the manufacturer’s recommendations to see if there is any specific product for wood that you can use in case you want to use something special.


Some specific places in the house require a little more attention, as the ceiling can accumulate even more dirt, whether grease or mildew.

Kitchen Ceiling

It can become one of the dirtiest places in the house because of the grease in the food. Mixing vinegar with hot water can be a great idea to clean the place with more dirt accumulation on the room ceiling;

Bathroom Ceiling

Due to the humidity of the environment, it is common for mold spots to appear on the ceiling. Use a mixture of hot water and detergent to scrub with a sponge. There are also specific anti-mildew products in supermarkets according to euromaids cleaning services. Painting the ceiling with anti-mildew paint and leaving the room airy can be solutions to avoid mold accumulation in the area.