Five Features to Consider When Remodelling Your Guest Bathroom

A well-thought-out guest bathroom can be a gift to your family and friends and a source of compliments. If you are looking to improve the design of your guest bathroom, you want to focus on creating a welcoming space for overnight guests. Your remodelling contractor should be able to help you know the features to include in your guest bathroom remodel St Johns FL. When renovating your guest bathroom, the following features must be considered:


 A good guest bathroom allows users to comfortably move around. Sure, aesthetics is good; however, it can be difficult to appreciate a bold vanity when it makes the space cramped. The idea is to blend a bathroom design that appeals to you with the needs of your future guests. Aside from keeping the bathroom roomy, it has to be made easy to care for as far as materials. 

Storage space

Ensure your guest bathroom has lots of hooks and shelves where people can store toiletries and clothes while they stay with you. You can add a small linen closet stocked with extra essentials such as towels and tissue, one or two drawers where guests can stash their personal items, and some hooks to offer a handy spot for hanging clothes and towels. 

Neutral Colours

To take your guest bathroom’s sophistication to the next level, consider choosing a vanity with wood tones and neutral colours. Neutral colours will make your guest bathroom appealing to friends and family of all ages.  

Layout and Lighting

 Renovco bathroom renovations will include looking at the overall size of the bathroom and working on the required elements to create. You need to make things accessible. Your guest bathroom does not need to be as luxurious as a master bath. You don’t have to invest in elaborate showers, sophisticated tubs, or several sinks. Just the basic sink, shower, and toilet will do the trick. Also, adding a bit of counter space, good lighting, and a mirror will please most guests. 


While you may want to splurge on luxurious materials for your master bath or powder room, you can usually be more conservative in your guest bathroom. You just want it to look nice, convenient, and accessible. Solid surface countertops that have an under-mount sink are long-lasting and easy to clean. If you have a tight renovation budget, you can consider laminate countertops with a vitreous china sink. Any material that looks great with little upkeep will make your life easier, particularly when guests drop on short notice.