Door maintenance needed to maintain the door security

The security of the doors must be maintained. This is because the doors are the part of the property that protects your homes against unwanted intruders. This is why the integral part of door security depends on the maintenance of the doors. It is however very unsettling to find that there are a lot of homeowners who do not understand the importance of door maintenance and its impact on the overall security of the property. Visit the website to know about a few door maintenance tips which will help keep the doors of the property as safe and secure as possible.

Tips for maintenance of the doors to ensure safety and security


  • The first thing homeowners need to ensure is the door is properly installed. The lock of the door only partners if the door frame is well-fitted and has a handle that correctly fits the handle. If the door is misaligned or not fitted properly, it will put pressure on the handle, eventually causing it to fail. The gap between the door and the frame helps to determine whether the door is properly fitted or not. A door that is correctly fitted will have equal gaps from the frame on all sides. If you find anything otherwise immediately call the 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith to re-aligning the door, before the door handle fails due to excessive pressure.
  • Cleaning your door lock and protecting it from dust build-up is as important as keeping your home clean. The door locks could easily be cleaned with the help of warm soapy water. It is preferable that you should not use any chemical cleaners on the locks because that would do more harm than good. Remember to lubricate your locks once every six months. This will help prevent the lock from unnecessary damage. While lubricating the locks keep in mind that oil-based lubricants should not be used. The oil-based lubricants clog the lock eventually, resulting in them failing. Silicone-based lubricants are the best for locks.
  • Homeowners should know to take proper care of the keys. If there is damage to the key it damages both the lock and the key in the process. Activities such as pulling the key to lock the door, taking the key forcefully out of the lock, and forcing the key to turn the lock are some of the activities that you should be avoiding to take care of both lock and key. It is a good step to keep an eye on the key sets that you have so that you could replace them as soon as the keys start showing signs of wear. An unused original key should be kept apart so that copies of the keys could be made when they are needed and this will make the keys more accurate when the keys are cut.
  • The maintenance of the door handles is also equally important, wear and tear can lead to many issues moving forward, and the door handle can become loose or even break with time. These are some of the problems that could come up with door handles that are not maintained properly. When you are using door handles you should turn them gently. This allows the latch to disengage from the catch and gently pushes the door open. Excessive weight on the door handle, rough use, and forceful entry are all the causes that lead to damage to the door handles. Irrespective of the door being an internal door, front door, or back door, it should be maintained at periodic intervals.

All doors should be easy to operate and there should be no force needed to lock or close the doors. If otherwise, you should call an expert locksmith to come and evaluate the situation. You might be wanting to deal with the lock problems by yourself but not only is it against the conditions of the home insurance but the security of the homes can be compromised if the locks are tampered with. The locksmiths that you call have expertise with all types of doors like uPVC, wooden and composite doors. So, whatever the issue with the doors they will be able to fix the parts with ease.