Benefits of Getting Impact Glass Windows

As a homeowner staying in Florida, you have only two options when it is time for the storm season. Either you go for shutters, or you go for impact windows!

Both will give you the protection you need, but which is better? Although hurricane shutters cost less, you benefit more when investing in impact windows! Visit glass denver co.

Benefits of Using Impact Windows for Protection

One-Time Installation

When you wish to pick and install impact glass, you have a complete window replacement! You do not need a coating that protects your windows completely. Impact windows also have better framing, so you don’t have to swap out.

However, once you install your impact windows, there is just nothing else that you have to do. Besides cleaning up, you just install the windows and leave them be!

When dealing with hurricane shutters, put up the windows and engage them when there is a hurricane. It might not hit you, but if you have to put them up every time the weather report says there is a storm, things might get nasty.

Improving the Energy Efficiency

There are also additional utility bills, especially when it is summer in Florida. Although there are other ways to improve the window’s energy efficiency, these methods are less effective than going for impact glass windows.

Impact windows are meant to cut down the heat accumulated when summer hits in, and they can retain the warmth in the house when winter comes in. It is an excellent window treatment. You can decide about the setup and how much will be saved on the electric bill.

Better Security and Protection

The impact glass can also withstand hurricanes, but when you install impact glass, it will protect your house all year round! It will give you more security when there is a lot of construction going about. Most of the impact windows are made out of multiple layers of glass and other synthetic materials.

With this extra security, these synthetic materials can make any penetration difficult. It means that a burglar might get halfway in, but he still can’t get in.

Impact Windows and Noise Reduction

If you are living in a bad intersection or another type of highway, you will get a lot of noise disruption. Installing impact windows is an excellent method to cut down the noise coming in. As your impact glass is tough, there will be significant protection against sound and air. It gives the windows protection from anything that happens from the inside.

Impact Windows Does Not Impact the House’s Appeal

When you install some hurricane shutters, they have to be taken down after a big hurricane. The best windows need an exterior treatment, and impact windows are the best choice! Remember that you don’t need to care for them; you can still see what’s outside when the power goes out!


Now that you know everything about glass impact windows, it is time to get them for your next storm season! Get a free quote today!