5 Ways To Prepare A House For An Extra Family Member

Bringing a new child into the world comes with a great deal of excitement and responsibility. One of the most important considerations for new parents, however, is their home. In addition to making a living space suitable for a new family member, especially at an age where they can walk and explore, there is also the need to ensure a home is organised for comfort, allowing existing family members to feel happy sharing their space.

For those expecting a new family member, here are five important ways to prepare your property for a new addition, ensuring it remains comfortable and safe at all times.

The Art Of Baby-Proofing

Making a home safe for your new child is not solely about locking away chemicals and covering hard corners but it is also about considering insulation, lighting, and passageways. Borders should be created to ensure that children cannot access areas that might pose any danger, especially around stairs. There is also the importance of keeping a child’s room warm and quiet, helping them to sleep comfortably.

A child’s room should also have effective insulation from light, enabling it to be completely dark for them to sleep better and for longer periods.


Ensuring that a home is germ-free is challenging and can be best accomplished by targeting key areas. Bathrooms, for example, should have accessible sanitisers or wipes, so as to ensure that door handles are regularly cleaned.

Other areas, such as the kitchen, should also have easy-to-reach sprays and wipes to ensure that bacteria is kept out of reach from the little one.

Living Space

Creating a nursery can be difficult if a home is already at capacity. Some parents are happy to divide an existing room but many find that, eventually, a separate space is needed. As such, it can be worth extending living space, such as with extensions or log cabins, so that existing rooms can be moved to a new area.

Home offices and guest bedrooms can, depending on garden space, easily be moved to a garden cabin, freeing up a home’s central living space for a new arrival. As a bonus, with outbuildings being in significant demand, a property’s value is also likely to increase too.

Storage Solution

Babies necessitate a number of extra belongings, such as toys and clothing. Parents are often amazed at just how much stuff a child brings into a living space. This is why homeowners should prepare their living spaces to have a number of storage solutions, considering not only the capacity of storage but how easily accessible it is because, at the end of a long day, new parents are likely to have little energy for clearing away.

Bathroom Utility

Children will very soon begin making use of a bathroom, putting greater pressure on one of the most commonly used living spaces of a home. These spaces will also undergo a great deal of wear and tear too, with splashing and stains likely to become more likely. With a little forethought, residents can ensure that their bathroom is well-equipped for extra use and is fortified against energetic newcomers.