4 Things to Avoid In Order to Control Pests at Your Commercial Property

Before you could ask for any assistance from commercial pest control Shreveport, you should take a few preventive measures beforehand. These measures can help you prevent certain pests from entering or breeding on your commercial property.

Let’s go through the following preventive measures:

  • Timely Wall Sealing 

Pests do not require any proper entry door or system to enter your commercial property. Small holes or tiny openings are enough for them to breed. Hence it is important that you seal the holes and cracks in your walls and ceilings with foam and chalk. Waterproofing your ceiling will help keep away from insects that can breed in stagnant water or wet ceilings or walls. However, if you get the pest control done by professionals, this will stand longer and stronger.

  • Clean Your Countertops

Stains and food particles are always the visuals post-lunch hour at any workplace. It is, hence, important to clean the countertops on which food plates, coffee mugs, and lunch boxes are kept. If there is no cleanliness in the kitchen area of your commercial property, the chances of pests feeding on the food particles and stains are common. Use a normal cleaning cloth with light detergent sprays to permanently remove all the stains and maintain proper hygiene.

  • Cover Your Trash

People are acting lazy these days at the workplace. Common civic sense of putting the trash in the bin is deteriorating somehow. At times, you can see the trash lying outside the can. Most of the people walk up to the can to throw trash, but no one really cares enough if the can is full. You should stop throwing the trash blindly in the can if it is overloaded already. Ask someone from the administration to change the bag and cover the can with a lid. 

  • Clean Your Restrooms

Keep a regular check of your restroom floor; it should not be wet. Any water accumulation, choked sink, or foul smell will multiply the germs and pests on your property. Get your staff into action for regular cleaning and spraying normal pesticides and insecticides to avoid common pests like cockroaches, centipedes, mosquitoes, and flies. Since you can’t keep track of your restroom condition personally, sign a deal with commercial pest control in Shreveport.

To conclude, commercial pest control is hired to prevent the entire property from getting affected by multiple types of pests.